Yin Your Skin® Advanced Gua Sha Tool

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Yin Your Skin® Advanced gua sha tool


Yin Your Skin® Advanced Gua Sha Tool JALO is the crown jewel of the Yin Your Skin® tool collection. A gorgeous piece of bian stone, JALO is suitable for everyone but designed especially for professionals and demanding users aiming for premium effects. JALO is a bit bigger and heavier than the other tools and invites you to a variety of advanced techniques.

The serrated edge gives a unique boost for treating the wrinkles and helps you to effectively release blockages and tension in the connective tissue. The thinned lines are efficient for treating the saggy skin. Opposite to the useful U-notch, the hook-shaped end fits perfectly to areas behind and in front of the ear, around eyes and the nasolabials.

In Finnish, JALO means qualities such as graceful, fine, noble and elite. A stone embodying these qualities is a real ‘jalokivi’ – a precious gemstone and a piece of everlasting natural beauty. A companion for life.


The origin of Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools

Yin Your Skin® gua tools are made from 100 % xiuyan-jade which comes from Xiuyan city, Liaoning province from China. Each tool has a certification of identification of their origin. Bian stone comes from Jining-city, Shandong province, from China. According to the report from the factory, who has visited the minings, working conditions and safety meet the standards. To ensure the sustainability of jade and to repair the enviromental impacts of mining, there are several measurements which are done to repair for example the soil, plants and nature after the mining. Xiuyan-jade gua sha tool will last a lifetime if you don’t drop it on the floor.