Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Face, 30 ml

Vita Liberata


Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Face with Tan is like the bestselling Body Blur for your face - minimising blemishes for an instantly perfected look while acting as a facial self tan. 

Why you need it:
Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Face with Tan is like a real-life filter for your skin. Using Vita Liberata's Body Blur technology for your face,  Beauty Blur Face with Tan does it all! It enhances your skin tone, giving skin a face blur, photo-ready finish, primes skin for makeup, and leaves skin with a lasting sunkissed glow after cleansing.

  • Perfects skin by masking blemishes.
  • Lights the skin from within for a photo-ready finish.
  • Natural contour and highlighting.
  • Optimal skin tone colour correction.
  • Gives a natural-looking tint that washes off to reveal a natural lasting tan underneath.
  • Hydrates skin, leaving it soft and conditioned.

Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Face with Tan also features hydrating and anti-aging ingredients for long-lasting benefits, helping to condition and plump skin while working to restore elasticity over time.

Enriched with Rosehip to delay cellular skin ageing and promote cell detoxification, Peptides as superior anti-age formula, made from Palmitoyltripeptide and Palmitoyl-oligopeptide that work together to mimic the appearance of broken down collagen, causing your skin to react by producing more collagen and elastin, plumping and firming the skin.

How to use:
Apply on its own, use as a primer or mix with foundation. Using a foundation brush, beauty blender or your fingertips apply small dots across your face, neck and décolleté and blend in circular movements. For a lasting tan result, leave on your skin for a minimum of 8 hours before cleansing. For optimum tan result apply on its own.