BONOBO Peony Face Tonic



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Rejuvenates & moisturizes

Face tonic based on spring water and hand-picked Nordic organic plants.

The peony symbolizes abundance and good luck with its rich blooms. Hide your face in the lush and dew-wet petals of the peony, breathing in the scent of the charming bloom’s nectar!

Peony tones, silences the pain, has anti-inflammatory effect and the smell of peony encourages creative and spiritual work.

Peony Face Tonic has a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Use the face tonic in the morning and evening. It will refresh your skin wonderfully in the morning, prior to putting on moisturizer, and in the evening it will help to clear the day off your face. Apply some tonic to the cotton pad and gently wipe your skin, or mist it over your face. It’s also great to pamper your skin and senses during the day.



Pure distillate from distilling fresh peony blossoms in the spring-water vapour.


Made in Estonia