Welcome DJUSIE!

Welcome DJUSIE!

DJUSIE is a visionary F-Beauty brand offering a high-quality range of natural skincare products certified by Ecocert. 

Brand is made by famous organic beauty professional in Finland. She has also created three different rituals for each product. Bella Polar team is already in love and totally hooked on these rituals.


"Katja Kokko is a leading pioneer and visionary of holistic skincare in her Nordic home country Finland. During her 20-year-long career in sustainable beauty, Katja is known as a dynamic force of nature – always expanding her expertise into new depths while fiercely following her heart. Her roots run deep in northwestern Finland, underneath the lush forests and clear lakes.

Katja is a trained beauty therapist, organic cosmetic formulator and author with broad expertise in skincare. She has founded one of Finland’s leading houses of organic cosmetics and worked internationally with a massive amount of skincare brands. Katja trains beauty professionals actively."


Cleansing the skin can be so much more than a quick routine. Djusie Mini Facial Massage is a short yet effective ritual that boosts the purifying effects of Liquid Silk. It prepares and warms the skin to receive all the hydrating and nurturing ingredients, boosting both blood circulation and metabolism. 

A daily Mini Facial Massage makes a significant difference. It brings a lot of extra brightness and tightness to your skin. Massaging the product onto the skin lets you enjoy all the aromatherapeutic effects to the fullest. Touching the skin relaxes the nervous system. Skin is our biggest sensory organ. It’s no secret that taking good care of it has a revolutionary impact on your whole body.



Watch here:

Liquid Silk Ritual by DJUSIE


"According to Katja’s beauty philosophy, everyone should be encouraged to recognize the unique beauty in themselves and in their environment.

This mantra has always been Katja’s driving force. To offer her best expertise to everyone interested in natural beauty and holistic health, Katja has created content on her own website for over ten years. Her site provides a valuable source of information and entertains a big audience.

Katja has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and she is an RYS200 certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher by John Scott. Her wellness brand Yin Your Skin® combines facial gua sha, yin yoga, and sound healing. The concept offers a unique online experience and product line – plus an exclusive training and treatment protocol for professional beauty therapists and acupuncturists.

Although Djusie is Katja’s youngest love child, it’s a result of long-term development. Djusie is a seedling she’s been nurturing and watering for years – building its solid foundation by studying, learning, and doing. Now it’s time to bloom.

Djusie stands for Katja’s top priorities and core values: mental health, better self-worth, cultivating kindness, and natural beauty."


Abundant hydration and optimal acid balance are the essentials for the juicy feel (and look). Apply Acid Bloom onto your face one layer at a time until the skin feels juicy, plump, and well hydrated. If you have sensitive skin, start by applying only one layer. Take a small amount of essence at a time and lightly rub the palms together – the warmth of your hands helps the product penetrate optimally. Use your hands instead of cotton to save the product.

Let the essence penetrate into the face and neck by patting gently. Apply the following layer once the previous one has appropriately penetrated. Touching the skin has a soothing effect that gets under the skin. The more you touch your skin, the more your skin awareness grows. And the better you know your skin, the clearer you start to hear its messages. (Needless to say, this helps you grow more and more comfortable in your own skin!)



Watch here:

Acid Bloom Ritual by DJUSIE


"Djusie stands for mental health, better self-worth
and holistic beauty."


"Our passion is to cultivate kindness and empathy. That’s why we grant direct funding to organisations that promote mental wellbeing."



Djusie Facial Massage Ritual soothes the nervous system and boosts blood circulation and metabolism. Skin is our biggest sensory organ. It’s no secret that taking care of your skin has a revolutionary impact on your whole body and your whole life. A daily Facial Massage Ritual improves the skin’s condition, bringing it a significant amount of extra firmness and brightness.

The massage ritual boosts the penetration of Fruit Glaze facial oil, removes puffiness, and brightness the skin’s tone. Let the stress melt away, and your skin becomes more vital from the inside. A balanced mind and balanced skin radiate vitality and serenity – even through stressful times.



Watch here:

Fruit Glaze Ritual Massage Ritual



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Photos and text: DJUSIE 


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