Yin Your Skin® Gua Sha Beauty Spoon

Bella Polar


Yin Your Skin® Gua Sha Beauty NIVA spoon is the most effective tool for activating lymph circulation and reducing puffiness. By small, pumping, wave-like motions, it encourages fluids into motion. It is tool number one for sensitive skin and the skin around the eyes, allowing a very gentle yet effective treatment. The side of the spoon is great for scraping wrinkles. The thin end brings an extra boost to treating sagging skin and scalp, and the other end is perfect for targeting acupuncture points.

In Finnish, NIVA is a word describing an arctic river with a wild, powerful stream. These pure and crystalline waters are always in free motion. Running and circulating, washing away any blockages with ease.


The origin of Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools

Yin Your Skin® gua tools are made from 100 % xiuyan-jade which comes from Xiuyan city, Liaoning province from China. Each tool has a certification of identification of their origin. Bian stone comes from Jining-city, Shandong province, from China. According to the report from the factory, who has visited the minings, working conditions and safety meet the standards. To ensure the sustainability of jade and to repair the enviromental impacts of mining, there are several measurements which are done to repair for example the soil, plants and nature after the mining. Xiuyan-jade gua sha tool will last a lifetime if you don’t drop it on the floor.