Kadalys Micellar Gel, 100 ml

Bella Polar


Kadalys Micellar Gel removes make up and cleanses

Innovative zero waste cosmetics brand is made from bananas.

Kadalys Micellar Gel is enriched with bio-active pink banana, castor oil and rice oil.

Concentrated in antioxidant and soothing active ingredients, this micellar gel with a refreshing and melting texture gently removes make-up from the skin:

  • Captures impurities for a clear skin
  • Removes make-up from the eyes, face and lips
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin

Its delicate fragrance with pinkish shades of cherry blossom petals intertwined with irresistible citrus notes brings softness and comfort.

Ideal for all skin types

Scent: Pink Freshness

A delicate fragrance with nuances of cherry blossom and rose petals with irresistible green and fruity notes of melon and apple.


Key ingredients:

Pink banana bio-active, castor oil and rice oil