DJUSIE Facial Brush



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DJUSIE Facial Brush

A regular dry face brushing ritual boosts the skin’s metabolism, promotes skin renewal, and enhances the flow of oxygen and nutritions. Dry brushing is an extremely easy, rewarding and efficient ritual. It leaves you feeling refreshed and brings visible results on the skin. 

Dry face brushing activates the lymph circulation. Regular Djusie Dry Face Brushing Ritual helps maintain the vitality of the skin, brightens up its tone and reduces puffiness. Djusie Face Brush is made of ultra soft natural goat bristle and olive wood.

Dry brushing is an ancient method of holistic skin care. Regular dry brushing improves the skin’s metabolism, promotes the regeneration of skin cells, and enhances the skin’s supply of oxygen and nutrients. Dry brushing is an easy, rewarding and effective ritual. Its refreshing benefits are visible and felt quickly – both on the skin and in the body.

Suitable for all skin types, exept very sensitive skin. Never brush damaged of inflamed skin.

We recommend DJUSIE Face brush ritual 3-4 times per week. 



Material: Olive wood (origin EU / Greece, Spain, Italy), Goat hair (origin Tibet)


Made in Germany


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