Personal story by our founder Anita Jarrah

Personal story by our founder Anita Jarrah

We cannot express how grateful we are for our amazing clients, our brand founders and our products! 

We started this journey in 2016. Just when I got my second baby. 
Every baby is a wonderful miracle of nature. My first baby helped me to detox my body and my second baby helped me start sharing my knowledge about nature.
I really wanted to avoid allergies with all cost, but living in the city center it wasn't so easy. Other boy got pet allergy and the other boys skin reacted very easily.  On top some mild food allergies. After moving out of the city many things changed for better and I started to find the right products.
A child’s immune system is built during the first three years, meaning that diverse microbial exposure is very important. Moi Forest products are designed to boost a child’s skin through their forest-derived microbial extract. The Reconnecting Nature™ extract is proven to boost the immune system when applied to the skin.

When I saw my business mentor from the past and some of other successful ladies who I know talking about 'forest dust' (Reconnecting Nature™ extract) and ADELE project by Finnish Universities, I was sold. It was so interesting and logical. Right after the product came to the market we also wanted to be part of this journey and share this important knowledge to the whole world!
We are so happy that we started co-operation with Moi Forest and extremely happy that you have found to Bella Polar webshop. It really makes my heart sing!
So excited to stay in touch and I hope you can also share little 'forest dust' knowledge to the world.

Cheering for you,
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