NEW! LUONKOS Celebrate Sparkling Body Cake

UUS! LUONKOS Celebrate Sparkling Body Cake

LUONKOS body cake is an innovative and effective zero waste body moisturizer. 

The product is packed in an innovative 100% biodegradable cardboard box. You can use the box to store your body cake in between uses.

LUONKOS oil products are handmade with love in Naantali, Finland.

Body cake is 100% natural, vegan and  preservative-free.


How to use body cake?

Always use the products with clean and dry hands. Rub the oil cleansing cake between your hands until they feel rich in oil. Apply on desired areas to get nice glow.

Don't leave direct sunlight. Store room temperature.


Trending LUONKOS Celebrate shimmering body cake gives your skin an amazing natural glow! 

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