Djusie is a visionary F-Beauty brand offering a high-quality range of natural skincare products certified by Ecocert.

Bella Polar Gua Sha

Gua Sha is the perfect tool for ancient facial massage technique as it increases blood circulation as well as refining and smoothing your skin, stimulating a variety of acupressure points. The cool temperature refreshes skin and helps to close pores for a more even appearance, plus it can reduce sagging, blotches, bags and lines under and around the eyes, quickly revitalising skin. Gua Sha is helping skin to remain youthful and glowy for longer. 

Inspirational Cards by Women in Business

Let these affirmation cards guide you towards your success!

Le Baume Intégral

New! Discover Organic/Ecocert Green Life Certified Le Baume Intégral by Céline Escand made in France!

It is an innovative mono-product that we don't stop recommending.


Yin Your Skin®

Yin Your Skin® is a holistic beauty concept designed by Katja Kokko. Yin Your Skin® brings together the wisdom and effects of ancient traditions, creating an unique and sensual wellness experience. Enjoy the visible results of the best techniques of facial gua sha – all wrapped up in Nordic stillness and elegance.

Moi Forest

Moi Forest has its roots in an ancient forest that takes care of biodiversity and our planet’s habitability. The forest offers shelter and a bounty of trees, berries and mushrooms, but above all, forms the core of a living and breathing ecosystem. It took a small bunch of Finnish researchers intrigued by the power of the forest and a few women with a background in natural cosmetics and wellbeing, and an idea began to take shape: maybe it really is possible to create a cosmetic product with beneficial effects for the whole body! 

Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata tans are completely odourless, fast drying, evenly fading and super hydrating for your most skin-loving glow.  Whether you're looking for along lasting tan, an instant skin-perfecting bronzer or a natural looking face tan, Vita Liberata has a product for every occasion.

Shop Vita Liberata's collection of organic tanning products and discover your new glow-to tan brand.