Professional Review: Gua Sha

Professional Review: Gua Sha

"I am a professional aesthetician and have been using different shapes of Gua Sha on myself and my clients. I have to say the spoon shape is my favorite. It is multifunctional that helps to perform both acupressure as well as lymphatic drainage. The cooling effect will release the puffiness and redness almost immediately and the crystal’s soothing effect will calm down even the most irritated or reactive skin. I highly recommend it for home use, either for full-face massage or special treatment around the eyes to release puffiness and dark circles. Even 2-3 minutes every day will give you significant results." - Kai Laus, Global Spa Director



The Gua Sha Face massage includes 2 steps:

I. Facial Reflexology
II. Lymphatic Drainage


Facial reflexology is an ancient healing modality which is said to help awake the facial muscles while releasing facial tension, it encourages healthy blood flow and an overall healthier, brighter complexion. The reflexology treatment targets a total of 12 key points across the face. These points not only help to improve facial tone, but they are also connected to various important bodily functions and internal organs to aid in improving an overall sense of wellbeing.

Pressure points are specific areas of the body that run along energy "meridians" or "channels". Pressure points are purposefully located where energy blocking of these meridians or channels is common. By activating and stimulating pressure points, we can remove blockages within the meridians or channels in order to help to regulate the flow of energy to rejuvenate and increase the potential for healing in the affected areas of the body.

Stimulating specific reflexology points does not affect the correlating organs directly, there is an effect on the area of the brain responsible for the regulation of the specific organs. Through self- regulation, stimulation, increased energy flow, endorphin release, and overall calming, some adverse symptoms may be improved and even relieved.


Lymphatic drainage helps to accelerate the movement and transpiration of lymphatic fluids toward the lymph nodes for proper processing and disposal. Your lymph nodes are considered as your personal garbage disposal system because lymphatic fluid contains toxins, bacteria, viruses, and proteins. The lymphatic system does not flow on its own, in fact it does not have a pumping system or mechanism. A large part of the lymphatic system can be found on the face, neck and décolleté. Our lymph flows with physical movement and breathing. When lymph is stagnant and having trouble flowing properly then we can notice visible signs especially on the face - we often find that the skin is dull, dehydrated, puffy, inflamed, and lacklustre.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment that focuses on assisting in moving lymphatic fluid out of the tissues and to the lymph nodes where bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms can be destroyed and eliminated from the body.

Key benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage for the face include reduced puffiness, swelling, and inflammation.


Lymphatic drainage treatments are noninvasive and work on a superficial level. Lymphatic drainage is generally safe. However, check in with your healthcare provider first if you have:

A high risk of blood clots / Congestive heart failure / An active lymphatic infection / Swelling with no known cause / Cancer


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