Our story

Our story

Dear woman,

I’m Anita Jarrah, one of the founders of this webshop.

I know how hard, frustrating and lonely building a (beauty) business can be.

My real entrepreneurial adventure began back in 2012, when I gave up my career in media business.

I had no experience expanding business abroad, but together with my business partners Nadja and Erica we launched beauty brand in Estonia. Only one matra guiding me "Lead with love and you will find your calling".

By the time we were feeling incredibly lonely running business in a small market.
We didn't have much money to launch the business, but through dedication, focus, lots of learning and tons of action and help, we managed to make the business a success.

During the process Erica created beautiful showroom in Telliskivi creative city.  The place you should all visit www.decoris.ee

In 2017 we are creating something totally new together with amazing female entrepreneurs from Estonia, Finland and Spain.

Welcome to join our journey to huge success.

Anita Jarrah

Somehow this page has made  its way in front of you

Maybe you are working in beauty business or looking for new opportunities?

Are you looking home or new markets for your beauty brand ?

Feel free to contact me +358 50 3142485


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