NEW! Ecotools Rose Quarz Contour Roller

NEW! Ecotools Rose Quarz Contour Roller

Ecotools Rose Quartz Contour Roller

The Ecotools Rose Quartz Contour Roller is created with real rose quartz which has calming and soothing benefits for the skin.

Unlike, a normal-shaped stone roller, the Ecotools Rose Quartz Roller has a unique ball shape that is able to get into hard-to-reach areas of your face. It can get into the contours of your cheeks, along your jawline, and under your eyes. Start by applying your favorite facial oil or serum and roll outward towards your hairline. Continue that movement throughout the rest of your face and neck area.

To help depuff the eye area, store the Rose Quartz Roller in the fridge for an added cooling effect. Personal well-being has become a more essential part of everyone’s daily routine, and incorporating skin tools into skincare has benefits that go beyond just the skin.

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